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Size Matters

Size depends on many factors. First what do you want to do on your new deck? How large is your home? Do you have a small yard? You may want to keep some yard space for landscaping or pets.  Make sure to plan enough room for patio furniture, grills, etc.   If your deck design as multiple levels make sure the levels are of functional size.  In years to come you will not remember what you paid for you deck. But you will remember if you designed it to small. Plan for now and the future.


Most deck applications are located on the rear of homes off of existing rear doors, however the addition of new entry doors to excess bedrooms, game rooms, etc.  During your design process you should consider things like possible views, surrounding neighbors, lay of the land.   Existing trees and landscaping , and most importantly building set backs, utility basements.
If your neighborhood has a H.O.A (Home Owners Association) ask them for a copy of your covenants and restrictions on size, location, and appearance. Most H.O.A require you to submit plans and specs for their approval. This can take up to 30 days.


Our designs stand with you.  Not all of our customer know exactly what they want. But most every customer has some ideas about what they would like to see if their new deck.  We start by listening to your thoughts on your project. We then use our 20 yrs of experience to generate a plan that exceeds your dreams meet budget, and make your friends say WOW!


Something's you want to consider :

For example will your deck be used for entertaining large numbers of people or mainly for smaller family affairs?
Will your deck lead to a pool or perhaps a hot tub located in the deck area?
Do you need to add shade to your deck area or maybe a sunbathing spot?
Sometime a little privacy may be needed ?
Need a special place for your grill, or how about an outdoor kitchen areas with a grill, sinks, refrigerators, tile or granite countertops?
Would you like to have better seating in your deck, or plank boxes to enhance your deck area?
Lighting is also a great way to add that special feeling to your outdoor areas.

As well as illuminate stairs and walkways.

All Decked Out
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Cost to Construct

We bid our project turn key which means we provide the plans, materials needed, labor and any needed permit needed to complete your project as per plans and specifications.

We have a complete contract detailing the project, specifications, and terms of our agreement.

Naturally prices vary due to factors like type of materials, height of your deck off of the ground. (Decks over 5’ above the ground are a little more costly to construct) Patterned decking can also add cost as well as site conditions such as accessibility.

Most all of our prices and based on a per square foot basis starting around 14.00 per square foot and up. (No extra charge for multi level decks)


All deck framing is constructed of pressure treated lumber. In most applications 2x 6 materials used. Deck joints are typically set at 16’ or 24’ O.K.. Determined by type and pattern of decking. No 2x 6 material to Spam over 6’ . Support post are 4’ x 4’ material set in concrete in the ground. Ledger boards are attached to house with 1/2 Galvanized bolts set every 24’. Decking attached to deck framing with Galv., stainless steel, or coated screws. All construction methods meet or exceed local and national building codes.

Decking Materials

We use a variety of natural and man made decking materials. Each having its own characteristics, some good some not so good.  Treated deckings as it is commonly known has undergone a recent change in its chemical make up. In the past it was treated with a combination of chromium and arsenic. (CCA) Taking the place of these are two waterborne compounds: alkaline copper quat and copper azole (acq). These epa- approved low toxicity pesticide resite bugs, mold, and decay as effectively as the earlier CCA. Treated lumber should always be used for framing all members that will be in contact with the ground. However as decking treated lumber tends to crack, split, twist and cup makings for a not so attractive deck.

Western Red Cedar-

Natural Cedar has a richly textured grain with colors ranging from mellow ambers to reddish cinnamons and browns. It offers twice the stability of most softwoods. It lies flat, stays straight, and hold fasteners well.  Western Red Cedar is one of the world’s most durable woods. It is naturally resistant to moisture, decay and insect damage, making it and excellent choice for deck projects. Cedar is our most popular decking material.


Another natural choice redwood like cedar is very stable. It resist checking warping, and shrinking and is very durable.
It has a natural rich reddish color. Both redwood and cedar both have a open celled structure and little or no pitch or resins. which means that these materials accept all types of finishes very well.


A south American hardwood IPE has a 25 year plus rating from the US Forest Products Lab, and is naturally fire resistant with a class A rating. When compared to other deck materials it is much stronger.  With more than twice the life span. It also has no knots refined to as clear all heart material. With a rich brown color, smooth surface with no knots. It is beautiful and excellent value.  
Size depends on many factors. 

decks, docks and remodeling san antonio, rockport, arnasas pass, port aransas

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